10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

Do you find the morning lectures brutal? Is staying alert becoming surreal for you? Even a good night sleep is not helping you? No need to worry since this is quite a mainstream problem.

Staying focused and attentive in the lectures undoubtedly plays a key factor in the academic performance of students. However, a majority of students finds it a crumbling job to keep them awake and focused during the lectures no matter how hard they try.

1. Crunch Munch

Crunch Munch, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

Chewing a crunchy snack during the lectures suppresses the sleep signals of the brain. It is observed that with chewing food, the brain seems to be more active and the crunchiness of the food adds up to the activeness. Keeping in mind the code of conducts of the lecture, you need to be discreet while chewing the snacks slowly. Rice cereals are a good choice for snacks, with the low calories and high ratio of vitamins you can chew as much as you like.

2. The Hygienic way

Eyes, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Most experts in the field recommend using hand sanitizers over the eye lids to keep you perfectly awake during those sleepy hours. You may feel slight burning due to the sanitizer but the results are worth it.

3. Write them down

notetaking, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Sitting idle during the lecture may prove fatal to your focus. Engaging into a physical activity like Note taking would not only keep you attentive during the lectures but would also provide helpful resource material later.

4. Special audio effects

narration, notetaking, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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If you start losing focus while taking notes, adding up a narration of your favorite movie character in your mind might make the things more interesting. Try out Samuel L Jackson voice from the Pulp Fiction. “Moth*** there are FOUR REASONS why a market will fail, imperfect competition, distribution of bit** as* public goods, externalities and goddamn imperfect information!”.

5. Learn, to teach later

teach later, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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You get more focused to each word uttered during the lecture, if you presume that you have to deliver the same lecture to someone else later on. Although the idea is quite effective if literally practiced with someone, but even the notion of teaching later will prove quite helpful.

 6. Sleep Well

good sleep, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Sleeping disorders are always frantic for the student life. Having a good night sleep of 7 hours regularly will not only keep you active and more focused during the lectures but will also put positive impact on your health.

7. Prior exertion

cycling, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Having a little exercise before the lecture would help you be more intent. Try running or cycling to reach the class for lecture. This will keep your blood pumped up during the lecture thereby keeping the brain more focused.

8. Sip to Fix

water bottle,  10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Bringing a water bottle to the lecture is also a very effective idea. Taking small sips regularly, during the lectures will keep you engaged and hence alert.

9. Random texting

texting, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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A random text here and there can also help you stay more focused. Avoid getting involved in a proper conversation or you may get distracted. Just a couple of texts will keep things interesting enough to help you stay alert during the lecture.

10. Make the lecture more meaningful

prior study, 10 ways to stay Focused during Lectures

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Lecture may seem quite boring when the topics are alien to you. Giving a brief reading, a night before the lecture, will add curiosity in the lectures, thereby making you more focused in the class.


Adopting these interesting ideas and methods will definitely help you be more focused in the lectures and improve your academics.

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