7 Apps to help you in scheduling your classes

A great deal of work, apart from registering for classes, during the start of the semester is to keep a close track of your class schedule. Believe me; you don’t want to be in a situation, where you realize at the end of the semester that you completely forgot to take classes for a course you enrolled in. Thanks to our difficult and student un-friendly university online system the possibility of such an event is bountiful.

There are multiple ways that may help you to keep track of your everyday classes’ schedule, you may:

  • Print out the schedule and stick in your room.
  • Print out the schedule, keep it in a clear plastic pocket and place it in the front of the notebook you carry.
  • Get a class scheduling app on your smartphone, invest some time to add your class timings and regret nothing.

Since your class schedule might change for reasons whatsoever, it’s better to keep you schedule on your phone rather than printing it out, allowing you to easily change your schedule wherever you need to.

Below we skimmed out some of the apps for your smart phone to help you schedule your classes:

1. My Class Schedule: Timetable

Android – Free

My Class Schedule App

My Class Schedule app; brings back the memories of a color splashed fancy looking high-school time table back to college. It’s visually helpful to schedule the classes with color codes. It also allows you to add events such as assignments, deadlines and exams. It keeps you updated about an upcoming class by buzzing a notification and has the ability to automatically mute your phone during a class, how cool is that?

2. Class Timetable

iOS – Free

Class timetable app

A simple class time table app that keeps track of your class schedules, assignments and exams. It displays the day’s schedule on its main screen, but when rotated it switches to a week’s schedule with a multi-week option. The pro version features class notifications, timetable export, and reminders to keep you updated on your class schedule.

3. iStudiez Pro

Windows, iOS – $2.99

iStudiez Pro app

iStudiez Pro app is a run for money with dozens of features to organize your student life. Its class scheduler lets you add timings, course name, instructor’s name, office hours and contact info. The homework and assignments tracker comes along with an alert system to deliver push notifications and alarms.

4. Timetable

Android – Free

Time Table app

This app is a free version which beats most of the paid apps for similar purposes. It features all the fancy and productive features i.e., class schedules view by day/multi-weeks, notifications, assignment and exam alerts etc. It also features a cool free option to set home screen time table widgets you can have a quick look at home screen to check out your day’s schedule.

5. Studious

Android – Free

Studious app

Another aspiring student life savior app which provides an additional feature to add notes along with its feature rich class schedule, homework, assignment alerts and the auto phone silencing option.

6. inClass

iOS – Free


inClass app is an all in one student manager that along with the class scheduling features provides an additional awesome feature to takes class notes. It allows you to take notes in audio, video or pictures and organize it according to the class they belong to.

7. The Homework App

iOS – Free

the home-work app

A color full and aesthetically pleasing app that features all the stuff you need to keep your class schedule in order. It features a dashboard which displays the number of tasks pending, deadlines and the number of subjects or teachers for which there are tasks.
For each task it also allows you to add sub tasks to divide your larger tasks. You can also share you schedule with others over messages, email or facebook.

What class scheduling apps do you use to manage your classes? Let us know in the comments.

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