Taking the admission test at Durham University: LNAT, UKCAT and others

The University of Durham, commonly known as the University of Durham is a Durham University, England.
It was established by an Act of Parliament, 1832 and granted a royal charter in 1837. UCAS’ points per student rating were 490.8 points (2009/10), which sets the University of Durham in the fifth country in terms of new things. , consists of 11 409 students and 4098 students of Durham University and students (2007 / 08).

University of Durham exchangeDurham Questionnaire is composed of 85.7%, and the bottom-middle and upper class is the highest score in the fifth United Kingdom. 47.27% students in the academic year 2007 / 2008 became a school or independent school 12.24% of full-time students from minority ethnic groups, and 51.32% are women.

For the upper class, of 2008, when the majority of university students in independent schools (in descending order) of Hatfield, Hilde Bede College and Chad. If a graduate class, in 2007 from Durham received 29 712 applications, of which 36.8% were from independent schools, and 9.2% of ethnic minorities, overall 32% of applicants are not required to offer admissions through the Uk University Admission Exam. Durham requires students seeking a degree to sit down, and LNAT admissions test UKCAT for MBBS in medicine.

Durham also operates a summer school for gifted and talented Van Mildert College at the University of and participates in the Duke University TIP Summer Studies Program as part of the enlargement policy for Uk University Admission Exam. Since 1992, the University has established an expanded access program, originally known as the Lifelong Learning Centre. The center, now called the website of the Foundation Center, which offers courses for the city of Durham and Queens Campus, Stockton on Tees.

The center provides access to the titles of Durham for adult students who demonstrate the academic potential but do not have traditional entry requirements and international students who need an additional academic year to carry standard expected under the Uk University Admission Exam. Center offers a wide range of courses in specific academic disciplines and key competences in 2010 to 11 195 university students enrolled in the program for the reason of Uk University Admission Exam.

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