Considering studying in the US? Check out the Best in the Midwest!

Are you considering pursuing your Bachelor’s degree in the United States? The Midwest region of the US is home to many universities and opportunities for international students to pursue their higher education journey. 

One such university– Iowa Wesleyan University (IW)— is standing out among the rest. IW was ranked as a Best College in the Midwest by the US News & World Report, the premier ranking of American colleges and universities. 

The U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, now in their 36th year, help students to select a university for their bachelor’s degree.

IW can offer international students a superb experience at university. Here are 3 other reasons why IW could be an excellent choice for your future:

International student community

In addition to its overall ranking, Iowa Wesleyan ranked second for all regional Midwest colleges for the number of international students, boasting a student body representing over 30 countries. This is the third consecutive year in which IW has led Iowa in this recognition, adding to a global campus experience for all students.

Ethnic diversity

Iowa Wesleyan was also ranked sixth for ethnic diversity, with 52% of IW’s enrollment represented and the only school in Iowa recognized.  Students who attend Iowa Wesleyan have the unique opportunity to live and study on a rural campus with a significant number of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Education access

This year, Iowa Wesleyan was also highly ranked for its commitment to provide educational access for all.  Iowa Wesleyan received recognition for its economic diversity, ranking sixth overall in the Midwest. Economic diversity has received growing attention in higher education as the country’s student population is more diverse than ever. Iowa Wesleyan is once again the only college in Iowa represented in this ranking.

“Having our university recognized as one of the best in the Midwest reflects our commitment to fostering a student-centered community and providing an outstanding education that is accessible and affordable,” said Christine Plunkett, university president. “We are extremely proud of the students we serve, and we remain committed to our diverse campus. Rankings such as these validate our commitment to excellent educational experiences that prepare students to lead meaningful lives and careers.”

Learn more about Iowa Wesleyan University here, and see if it is a good fit for you.

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