emlyon’s MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing

Strong ambitions and a passion for the luxury sector are necessarily to join the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing, the specialized master degree proposed by emlyon business school. Our economy and society are based alsoon products and brands, the cornerstone of the luxury goods industry. Many customers purchase brands before buying products. The brand equity determines the success of luxury areas such as fashion, jewelry and perfume. Understanding mechanisms behind these processes can be the turning point of a successful career.

emlyon offers you all of this and much more with the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing, a multi-campus program within the heart of the international luxury industry in which you will combine academic knowledge and hands-on experience with an in-company consulting project and mandatory internship. This particular program gives you the chance to specialize yourself as brand manager, retail business analyst, digital marketing manager, CRM or merchandising executive.

But why a multi-campus program? MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing gives you the opportunity to study in key markets of the luxury industry in Paris, London, New York, Rome and Shanghai.

  • Basics of the Luxury Industry (Paris)
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Industry (London)
  • Luxury Design Industry (New York City)
  • Fashion and Luxury Business (Rome)

After the first semester in Paris, all students from the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing fly to a new destination in order to pursue a specialization. By studying in 3 distinct locations, you will develop a broad view of the global luxury industry and learn how to navigate the specifics of these different business markets successfully. In London for example, students will learn how to use fashion alongside historical and cultural practice and how to manage and respond to business issues quickly and efficiently without compromising the excellence that is expected in this sector. In New York learning is about the history of luxury design, analyzing spaces and products related to theoretical approaches on luxury design, examining sustainable business models and innovation and meeting designers, artists, forward thinkers. The entire career is taught in English and it is designed for students holding a Bachelor’s Degree minimum in any field.

During the 18 months, including a 4 to 6-month internship, you will be able to:

  • Set yourself apart by studying in key markets of the luxury industry
  • Gain access to a professional network of luxury companies
  • Develop the right skill set essential to this highly coveted business environment
  • Start the career of your dreams in the luxury sector of your choice

The last point is fundamental for the choice: emlyon business school has always worked closely with the business community in order to provide students with quality internship and job offers, as well as privileged contact with companies. Partners in the luxury industry include: Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Infiniti, Kempinski hotels, L’Oréal, Lancel Richemont Group and many others.

If all of this is not enough, you can have more information by following webinars periodically organized by Docsity, in which teachers and ex-alumni share their experiences and learned skill with incomers to satisfy your every request. Start your career to accomplish your dreams in the industry of excellence!

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