Fancy yourself as a Grande École graduate?

In France, the higher education system has the usual public universities and something very few non-French people have heard of, the Grandes Écoles. This is a group of prestigious Business & Engineering Schools. 

Why should you choose a French Grande École?

Nearly 90% of graduates from Grandes Écoles are hired within six months, with 86% hired less than two months after graduation, according to the 28th CGE survey on graduate recruitment from Grandes Écoles.

Rennes School of Business is one of 227 schools certified by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, a French association that recognises high-quality educational institutions that are certified by the French government. French “Grandes Écoles” are generally identified by their excellent teaching methods, close links with companies and research, international connections, and a wide choice of student associations.

Academic excellence

The quality of teaching at top business schools is recognised throughout the academic and professional worlds. Rennes School of Business seeks to prepare its students to become innovative and responsible managers in a global environment through a combination of specialised and market-oriented educational programmes and a focus on educational innovation. These future managers are trained to become responsible pioneers that have been immersed in a multicultural, human experience with 70 different nationalities on the campus.

International employability 

International mobility is at the heart of the Grande Ecole experience, and the careers of graduates illustrate the strong international identity of Rennes School of Business: more than 63% of graduates work in internationally oriented positions (international strategy, international marketing, international development, etc.) and 33% are based abroad. Learning on the ground during an internship is a key part of the learning experience. At Rennes School of Business, students are able to spend a significant amount of time in an internship, helping them to put the theory they have obtained during lessons into practice.

So, if you are looking to study in France, consider the added benefit of graduating from a Grande Ecole! 

Rennes School of Business’s triple EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA accreditation, shared by only 1% of Business Schools worldwide, means that Rennes SB students benefit from some of the highest global academic standards.

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