Find your lucky streak in Ireland- study and work in the European centre for business

There is a place in Europe that combines breathtaking scenery, groundbreaking innovation and educational tradition. Have you guessed where? Ireland of course!

A hybrid location between Anglophone and European culture that attracts more international students and workers every year. 

A winning combination

As reported by ICEF Monitor last year, the number of international students in Ireland jumped by 45% from 2013 to 2017. This means that Ireland has continued to improve the living, studying and working conditions for tens of thousands of individuals looking for their lucky streak in this country. This isn’t surprising when we know that studying in Ireland means to find:

  • a safe and stable place that is part of the EU
  • a welcoming English-speaking culture where you can perfect your global idiom 
  • a place of educational excellence with worldwide top-rated institutions 
  • a business-oriented tech and finance hub for international corporations
  • a bridge between the UK and the rest of the world where visa conditions for international students are much easier than elsewhere

Building an international community
In this rich and inspiring environment, one institution making the best of what it has around and tailoring its offer to international student needs is National College of Ireland. Believing that education is a fundamental right for everyone, it awards no less than 500 scholarships to international students every year, contributing to making Ireland truly multicultural and global.

With a palette of courses that is as varied as it is innovative, students can choose between more traditional curricula such as Psychology and Computing at undergraduate level or the more innovative options of Marketing Practice and Human Resources Management. At Postgraduate level, the options are endless, from Data Analytics to Cyber Security and International Business. Where better to start your career than in Dublin, a city that has attracted the likes of Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Paypal for their European headquarters? 

A solid set of values 

What makes National College of Ireland stand out from other institutions is the core set of values it builds its vision on. Believing in the power of community and of integrity, it has achieved a 4 Stars in the QS Stars Ratings thanks to its professionality and innovative talent. With over 96% of its alumni employed within 6 months of graduation and more than 1000 students from over 80 countries in the world, it has proven the willingness to vouch for quality education in the world.

Discover what the National College of Ireland has to offer and be sure to hit your lucky streak!

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