Join the movement at Franklin University Switzerland: Earn your BS in Environmental Science and boost your global career

If you are:

Passionate about environmental issues

Hoping to study and/or work abroad

Eager to grow personally and professionally in a multicultural environment 

…then Franklin University Switzerland is the place for your next step in your career. You can pursue your Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science while taking advantage of opportunities to travel the world during and after your studies.

Travel during your studies 

The Franklin University Switzerland is an international university located in Lugano, which offers rigorous and demanding degree programs. Franklin prepares students to become responsible, compassionate, and collaborative leaders in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Students of all majors and disciplines travel for four academic semesters as part of their curriculum– so you can benefit from experiential learning around the world, completely integrated into your courses.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Franklin’s BS in Environmental Science is ideal for students who are fascinated by the science of environmental problems. 

The curriculum combines coursework in the natural and physical sciences with quantitative, field, and science courses to understand the context of environmental problems and their potential solutions.

The BS in Environmental Science will allow you to:

Have a solid base in biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology;

Know the functioning of the “spheres” of the world: terrestrial, aquatic, atmospheric, and human;

Gain practical experience in different field methods;

Have a diverse set of quantitative skills;

Apply the scientific method correctly and efficiently.

Preparation for your future career

Exposure to many different cultures and academic disciplines gives Franklin graduates an edge as they forge their career paths. As a student at Franklin, you’ll learn to overcome challenges, gain a problem-solving mindset, and cooperate with others from many backgrounds. 

An important benefit of a Franklin degree is the dual accreditation in both Switzerland and the US. Franklin is also recognized in China as an accredited foreign university. These accreditations open doors for Franklin graduates who might someday consider careers in the US, China, or Switzerland.

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