Studying on a scholarship – paving the road to success

One of the things that has changed with globalisation is that we start competing much earlier in life for those places of excellence that help us get our career off the ground. One way to stand out from the crowd as a student is, to win a scholarship!

The best things in life are free

However, most things aren’t. As wonderful as it could be to live on fresh air and love, the harsh reality is that things have a price and it is usually high. One of these things with a high price is education. Even when enrolling in a state university with smaller fees, the price of not being able to work full-time for a few years is considerable, as your parents who have probably been saving up for it will fully know. But then again, would you rather spend that time and money getting an education and opening up your opportunities, or dive straight into the big scary job market fresh out of school? Thought so.

The price is right

If you are an international student, chances are you will have to pay more in fees than if you stayed in your home country. However, you will have already calculated the benefits of studying abroad, meeting international peers, widening your horizons etc. Some other reasons why universities and business schools might need to ask for hirer fees are:

  • to provide the best facilities and infrastructure
  • to insure the student/ professor ratio remains low
  • to secure world-class professors in their teaching staff

Winning early- winning a scholarship Another way to gain access to top-class education from renowned institutions apart from saving up is to win a scholarship. There are numerous reasons why securing funding for your studies is a win-win situation. First of all, it’s rewarding. All that tough preparation and sacrificed quality time with your friends to obtain those top grades can really pay off now. If you come from a less-privileged background too, a scholarship can be a welcome equalizer to start climbing that social ladder. Secondly, it gives you access to top schools in the world, contact with people who count and really starts paving your road to success. Finally, it looks good on an application and a CV. It will show you are dedicated and results-driven, two qualities strongly sought after by employers.

A strong example: Rennes School of Business

Let’s look at a school in particular to see just how many options one institution can offer. Rennes School of Business in France, lists four funds you can apply to, three of which amount between 2000 and 5000 euros. Their Talent Scholarship is designed for those outstanding students who have been waiting to show their skills and impress the best. The Unframed Scholarship is for those outside-the-box thinkers ready to take the business world by storm with unusual ideas and business plans. The Solidarity Fund Scholarship is for citizens of emerging countries specifically and is a great opportunity for anyone qualifying. Finally, the Bienvenue en France Scholarship is a sure sign France and Rennes School of Business (whose MSc in International Finance is ranked 29th in the world by the Financial Times) are welcoming international students duly.

A world of opportunities But it does not stop here! Every country has a series of opportunities you should find out about and apply to. The Erasmus program for example, has many funding options attached to it. There might also be scholarships specific to your country. The Campus France website for example will offer exhaustive information for that beautiful country. So, do your research, apply, and win!

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