The rise of online learning – why an online MBA at WHU — Otto Beisheim School of Management is your best bet.

Education post-Covid: a heavy shift towards online learning

We are hearing it a lot these days: things have changed forever since the Coronavirus crisis entered our lives. Globally, the situation is forcing us to rethink our daily habits, the way we work, we study, we interact with our close ones and acquaintances. Some have adapted better than others to this shift and one sector which is being revolutionized is education. We interviewed Dr Rebecca Winkelmann, program director of the Global Online MBA at WHU —  Otto Beisheim School of Management who gave us some useful insights about the program and shared her views on the future of online studying.

How can an online MBA help tackle the challenges we are currently facing?

“An online MBA has the potential to equip executives with general management knowledge and advanced leadership skills to help them navigate times of uncertainty, ambiguity, and change. Students now have access to flexible learning formats that allow them to gain new knowledge on digital developments without losing professional momentum or disrupting their daily lives. The WHU Global Online MBA curriculum offers such insights with effective leadership practices in the modern world, digital transformation, strategy in times of uncertainty, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset is key to being able to access new ways of thinking or making impactful decisions. Through classes from WHU’s renowned faculty, they can engage in conversations with industry experts so that they gain a practical ‘toolkit’ of skills that can be implemented directly in their everyday work life. Students additionally benefit from a global business perspective through our international faculty, as well as a diverse student body.”

What is the most distinctive feature of the program at WHU?

“There are three distinctive features of the WHU Global Online MBA. First, its flexibility – students can control the duration of the program with either 18 or 36 months or individual certifications over five years. The program fits easily into a busy schedule no matter where they are in the world or what other responsibilities they may have. Secondly, the stamp of WHU excellence – WHU is a market leader among European business schools, consistently appearing in the top rankings for the Financial Times and The Economist. The degree itself is accredited and internationally recognized. Thirdly, the WHU network – community and network are core values to WHU, which is why it is one of the best schools for its entrepreneurial spirit and extensive start-up community. With 4,500 alumni in 65 different countries, access to wider knowledge and idea exchange is unparalleled.”

Do you think the future of education is online?

“Online learning is nothing new, but as technology and methodology are evolving, the number of online education offerings will for sure grow. We at WHU strongly believe that both online education and in-class education will co-exist, each for a good reason. While online degrees offer greater flexibility and reduce travel times, the advantage of face-to-face programs lies within the intensity of exchange between participants.”

A safe bet

So whether on or off-line, an MBA is still a safe bet when it comes to professionalization. It gives you that hands-on experience so widely sought after in education today and geers your mind towards soft and hard skills you will need in your business career.

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