Could TEFL be your first career move post-graduation?

The Great TEFL Unknown after Graduation.

It is coming up to your last semester of your degree. As with any pre-graduate, you are wondering what to do with yourself after you graduate. Do you go into the field that you have been training in for three to four years, or do you try something completely different? Something bold. Something international?

You have probably seen and heard of people going to far flung places, halfway around the world, and you are interested in that life. But, how do you do it?

Well, you have already completed step one, even if you have not noticed it, which is getting your bachelor’s degree. Whether this is in Sociology or Sound Engineering; Media or Mathematics, your degree is the first step for you to live out your TEFL dreams.

What is step two then? Do your research! Research the potential TEFL destinations you could go to; research the jobs available; and most importantly, research the companies offering TEFL qualifications.

As part of your remit, you will need to complete at least 120-hours TEFL training to be able to get a job as a TEFL teacher. Some countries might need more, or some countries might need less, but 120-hours is a happy medium.

If you want to stand more of a chance of getting that dream job, completing a level 5 TEFL qualification is probably your best bet. This qualification is equivalent to two years at university, or a DipHE. So, get yourself on it!

Step three is probably the hardest step: getting yourself to your dream destination. However, there are a few bits and bobs you must do beforehand. Make sure that you have all your documents apostilled and authenticated by the country’s embassy in your country, alongside your background check. This will allow you to get your work visa, and please make sure that you do your research around which visa you need. Once this is done, you can book your flights (and potentially your quarantine) and away you go.

Good luck with your new role, proud TEFL teacher!

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