What do the streets of New York say to walking man and woman

10 Hours of Walking on NYC Street as a women

“Somebody acknowledges you for being a beautiful. You should thank you more!”

“Sexy – American Eagle!”


“If i give you my number would you talk to me?”

“Have a nice evening darling?”

This is just a sample of what one girl goes through while walking alone through the streets on New York city. Her experience was filmed and edited into a 1:56 public service announcement for anti street-harassment group Hollaback.

Street harassment impacts women gravely. Imagine how many women gets harassed like that everyday and the degree of harassment could be more severe that could even lead to violence.

Sarcasm: 10 Hours of Walking on NYC Street as a man

Don’t feel bad about being a women because it isn’t a heaven for men too. Have a look at the sarcastic video of a men walking around the NYC streets.

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