10 thoughts Optometrists have about their job

Being an Optometrist comes with its perks but like all professions it comes with its risks, responsibilities and facilities. It might seems a peaceful job involving peeking into others’ eyes, swapping lenses, pointing at alphabets on the wall etc., but this all might only seem true from an observer’s eye, the reality might be a little different. Compiled below are some general thoughts that Optometrists have about their job.

1. Optometrists have a better social & family life for a medical professional, as compared to other fields of Medicine

Newyork through Lenses

2. Students interested in medical science who cant bear the tiresome/gruesome of job performing surgeries can easily opt Optometry

3. No Emergencies, No off duty calls. The minute you leave the work place, you are done for the day


4. There is negligible paper work like writing reports, or worrying to get prepared for meetings etc, it is some how a prestgious job.

5. After a few years in practice the job can start to feel a bit predictable and repetitive routine make a person boring and dull


6. There will be patients with difficult conditions, but its infrequent and generally optometry is a career with low stress levels

7. Optometry allows doctors to have a better personal connection with their patients unlike the hasty environment of emergency.


8. Insurance might be considered a down side for optometrists since the companies are now dictating the costs and tests to doctors and also recommending the patients to specific doctors, which is negatively affecting the business

9. Optometry is so much more than a bunch of letters on the wall, it actually involves complete ocular and systemic health issues.

Optometry lenses

10. A good Opmetrists wouldn’t force you into designer glasses just for their own profits. Its your choice to buy them at the clinic or any other place.

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