10 Most Weird and Gross Food that People around the World Actually Eat

Every Culture has its own delicious recipes. But some of them are really creepy and wired, you will think at least twice before trying these dishes. Here is a list of some most weird foods that people around the world actually eat:

1. Dried and Fried Scorpions:scorpian

Scorpions can kill you with their poisonous sting but in China they a delicious food and are typically served on a stick either fried or dried and are considered as a source of protein.

2. Fried Tarantulas spidersspider

It’s a famous Cambodian dish. These spider tarantulas are mostly served with a lime water and black pepper.

3. Raw Blood Soup blood

It is commonly known as Tiet Cahn in Vietnam, which means blood soup. It’s a traditional Vietnamese dish and it is mostly composed of raw blood with very few ingredients.

4. Alive Octopus octupis

Octopuses, Do they sound delicious? Wait! What if they are served alive? Of course, in Japan and Korea it’s a common dish which is prepared by chopping the live octopuses in half and then serving them with soya sauce.

5. Fried and Crispy Silkwormssilk worms

Well! These little worms not only produce silk, but they are used as a food by rolling through flour and bread crumbs and are served after frying.

6. Delicious Sea Horses sea hourse

Well! In china if someone is declared impotent, he is advised to eat fresh sea horses. They are mostly served on stick in fried form.

7. Kiviakkaviak

It’s a traditional dish from Greenland. Well! Believe it or not it is made by stuffing about 500 auk birds into an entire seal and then left to ferment under the ground for months.

8. White Ant Soapwhite ant

Soaps are delicious but have you ever tried white ant soap? They are a popular delicacy in Southeast Asia and are often prepped in the form of soups along with partial embryos and baby ants. When pop in your mouth they release a sour flavor.

9. Duriandurian

It is considered as the most polarizing fruit in the world. Its smell in unbearable almost like dirty gym socks but it contains high amount of vitamin C, sugar, and potassium.

10. Horse Sashimihourse

Well! Believe it or not eating horse is not gross at all in some Asian countries and it is commonly served raw as sashimi in Japan.


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