5 Things you have to face being a freshman at university

Your first year at university might be really hard since it teaches you how to shape your attitude and routine to survive the next three years before graduation. Your will accustom yourself to the university but in first few weeks you will be facing some of the problem illustrated below.

Getting late to the classes

For the first 2 weeks you might suffer from sleeplessness and inability to get up early before the classes. You will be skipping breakfast and dashing through the corridors of the university just to get to class in time.

First time in the Labs

Spending time in the computer labs with tasks that seems to easy or too difficult to understand you will be sitting vacant, wasting time peeking at others screens, trying to catch what others are up to and thinking why am I the only one who doesn’t know what to do.

A week into classes

First days of most classes seem easy but as weeks passes horrible things start making it to the white board. Things seem to overburden your head and feel like getting out of control.

Trying hard to concentrate in class

Trying to stay awake during a boring class might be you biggest challenge. You will need practice and patience to master the skill of sleeping in class without getting noticed.

Getting bored during lecture breaks

Between lectures you might find it really difficult to burn time. The library might be your only escape and you will be doomed if you are not in to reading books.

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