50 Interesting Facts about Eyes

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Eyes are a part of our body that enable us to see the world in different colors and glamour. Many idioms are based on eyes such as “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and “Eyes are the windows to the soul”. Eyes are a blessing indeed but do we know the role they play in our lives and how interesting they are? Here is a list of facts that will surely surprise you.

Did you know that Shark corneas have been used for human eye surgery? The reason being that human corneas are quite similar to the corneas of a shark.

Visual cues are only sought by two species: Human and dogs. And among dogs, they only use visual cues when interacting with humans.

You simply can’t keep your eyes open while sneezing.

Pirates believed that wearing a gold earring will improve their eyesight.

The pupils in the human eye tends to expand about 45% when they see a loved one.

The use of eyes by an American prisoner of war to convey the Morse code spelling “T-O-R-T-U-R-E” is famous throughout the world.
At birth, all babies are color blind.

If your eye color is blue, then you share a common ancestor with every blue-eyed person.

There are about 107 million cells in the human eye and all of them are sensitive to light.
Our eyes have the ability to differentiate between 500 shades of grey color.
Every 1 out of 12 male is color blind.
Did you know that brown eyes can be turned blue permanently? It is due to the fact that brown eyes are blue underneath the pigment and you can turn your eyes blue permanently through laser surgery.

A range of colors, quite difficult to perceive by human eye, are termed as “Impossible colors”.

Some people have two different colored eyes. The term for it is “heterochromia”.

There are about 2% women in the world who have an extra retinal core due to a genetic mutation. The mutation allow these women to see about 100 million colors. A normal human being can see around 10 million colors.
Brown is the most common eye color.

Human eye can only see the red, blue and green color. All other colors are a mixture of these three colors.

Eyes weigh about 8 grams and are about 1 inch across.
An eye is the only part of the human body that is active at all times, while rest of the parts require a warm up before they start functioning properly.

The most active muscles of the body are present in the eye.

Eyes remain the same throughout a person’s lifetime whereas nose and ear grow longer with age.
Each eye contains a small blind spot but we don’t experience a blank spot in our vision because both eyes work together to fill each other’s blind spots.
Ever wonder why tears don’t evaporate? It is because they are composed of fat, mucous and water.

Only 1/6th part of the eye ball is exposed.

Eyes see approximately 24 million different images in an average life span.

While tracking a moving object, a human eye can only perceive smooth motion.
An iris has 246 different characteristics as compared to the thumb, which has only 40. This is why retinal scans are getting popular day by day.

A human eye comprises of around 2 million working parts that allow an eye to function at its best.
It is general observation that studying from computer is 25% slower as compared to studying or reading from paper.

It is possible to blink five times in a second since a blink lasts for only 100-150 milliseconds. The phrase “in the blink of an eye” is, because eye is the fastest muscle in the body.
An eye can focus on approximately 50 things in a second.
A corneal scratch repair only takes 48 hours which shows how quickly eyes can heal.

People tend to blink more while talking as compared to reading. An eye blinks at an average of 17 times per minute.
The lens present in our eyes are faster than any camera lens.

Eyes have the ability to process about 36,000 bits of information per hour.
Did you know that eyes start developing just two weeks after being conceived?

The perfect length of an eye contact is mere 4 seconds to acknowledge the eye color of the other person.

Our eyes are almost similar to  those of a box jelly fish in relation to corneas, lenses and retinas. They lack a brain due to which their eyes remain out of focus at all times.
Suffering from blurry visions? It may be due to some problem in the visual cortex of the brain rather than the eye.

Blind people can see dreams as long as they are not born-blind.

65% of the brainpower is used by the visual cortex which is higher than any other part of the body.

The images sent to the brain are upside down and backwards actually.

Patches of photoreceptor protein in single celled animals were the simplest of eyes and they started developing about 550 million years ago.
We have always assumed that an eye patch worn by pirates was merely to look grim and badass but the opposite holds true. The eye patch helped in quickly adjusting the eye from above to below deck.One eye for bright light above deck and the other for dim light below deck.
In ancient Roman times, the wrestling matches had the rule of “no eye gouging” so the phrase “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye” came from that context.

In relation to evolution, human eyes are not the ones that are fully evolved rather the eyes of a mantis shrimp have evolved such that they can view four times more colors as compared to humans. Some of these receptors can even see the ultraviolet.

As depression affects your mood, it also affects your contrast comprehension due to which you see a duller shade of colors.

Each eyelash has approximately a lifespan of 5 months.

Colossal squid has the largest eye on this planet. The eye measures around 27cm.

The great Mayans took cross-eyedness as a sign of beauty.

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