Cheating in exam: Choose the smartest way

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If teachers don’t want to be creative in preparing exams, why shouldn’t students be, while attempting the exams?

There are two types of questions in every exam paper.

1. Ones that test memory of the students

2. Ones that test understanding of the subject matter

When your professor is a lazy-ass, his exam includes questions that start with what, where, when and which. Questions like these test nothing but your memory which you obviously don’t have sharp enough. I’d say, this is the area where you have the right to cheat.

Cheating in exams: a silly exam paper

An eccentric, hardworking professor on the other hand prepares a creative exam. This exam includes questions that start with why, how and justify. Questions like these test your understanding of the subject matter. I’d say, this is the area where you cannot cheat.

Gone are the days when the traditional methods of cheating yielded good results. Time has changed and so have the methods of cheating during exams.

Cheating in exam: Choose the smartest way

Top three methods are described in detail here and are tried, tested and highly recommended methods to cheat during exams for you.
These methods require self-confidence, courage, a very good friend as a partner and luck.

Tailored cheat sheet: effectiveness 85%

Use your college’s logo, their standard format, and their standard page size and print all the cheats, formulas and numbers on that in a very professional way.

Cheating in Exam: Printng a standard cheet sheet

Keep a stapler with you and hide this/these sheet(s) inside your shirt on your front side while you enter the examination hall. Right when you are given the question paper sheets, get your cheat sheet(s) out of your shirt and staple it/these below the last sheet in your question paper.
Nobody would notice this sheet even if you are using it under their eyes. Trust me, this works!

Use smart gadgets during exams: effectiveness 90%

There are loads of spy cheating stuff available for you to buy and use while you appear in exam. This stuff includes Spy kits: Earpieces, signals and MP3 files, Bluetooth pens, Smart watches, Deceiving calculators, Smart glasses and even smart lenses.

Cheating in exam: Smart watch

Simply buy the suitable gadget online and have fun during exam.

Become James Bond: effectiveness 100%

This is my favorite method to cheat in exams. I’ll mention only two of the skills you may want to learn out of 100s possible skills of Sir James Bond.


First way is to start learning computer hacking over the local area network. It’s very simple and easy if you do some search online. Most of the schools and colleges have dull network administrators that can be cheated very easily. If you search for hacking solution to your professor’s computer where he has all his exams saved and do not find a working method, just comment below on this article using your Facebook profile. I’ll PM you the working method I always use. 🙂


Second way is to learn lock-picking. I spent only 5 hours with a professional lock-picker and learnt how to pick all kinds of door locks. You’ll only need a pair of pins and those 5 hours’ worth of skill. Just a night before the exam, at almost mid-night, crawl out of your hostel room, climb a few walls, enter into the campus building, use your pair of pins and the door simply swings open. Get inside with a torch, check his drawers, there you’ll find printed question sheets. Get your phone and scan those, place the sheet back, close the door and come back smiling. The rising sun is all yours.

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