Will your graduation make you Sexy? why?

Which degree program turns out the most sexy graduate?

A study by researchers ranked professor’s hotness against the subject they taught. The data was taken from RatemyProfessor.com which allows students to rate their professors on Quality, Easiness, Hotness and student’s own interest in the subject. It revealed some very interesting results.

Professor Hotness vs Education Discipline/Field

The results suggest that professors teaching Languages, Law, Political Science, Education and Philosophy were rated the most hot. On the other hand professors of Engineering, Computer Science and Chemistry were rated least hot.

We all have a prejudice that hot people are usually dumb and therefore we decided to plot the above ratings against the average IQ of students in the above mentioned fields which resulted in some really interesting findings.

Professor Hotness vs Education Discipline/Field vs average IQ

It turns out that the results fall into 4 clusters:

1. Hot and Smart
2. Hot and Dumb
3. Unattractive and Smart
4. Unattractive and Dumb

Philosophy: beauty with brains

So Philosophy, Political Science and Language students turn out be the perfect blend of hotness and smartness, the kind of people to hang around with in campus.

Smart is the new sexy

The Maths, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering and Chemistry crowd can stick around the phrase “smart is the new sexy”. Finally we can only condole the students with majors in Communication and Medicine.

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