10 everyday realities of paramedics (EMTs)

Paramedics work long hours, travel distances, handle people in distress or emergencies, deal death situations and save lives by ensuring proper first aid.

 EMTs or paramedics are at the fore front of healthcare. This profession faces a lot of challenges in terms of the nature of its services. Below are some of the realities of the everyday life of EMTs/paramedics.

1. They have to deal with threats and attacks by patients or bystanders.

2. They get calls from people for non-emergency related situations and even pranks.

3. They have to deal with pretty awful things at work and keep them from affecting their personal life.

4. They hear rude or abusive things from patients and others while trying to help them.

5. They have to deal with extreme situations like accidents and even suicides.

6. Every now and then they face false alarms.

7. They have to keep their cool during emergencies.


8. Ocassionally they have to deal with huge workloads and coup with stress and fatigue.

9. They have to be very careful because any mistake on their part can lead to very serious consequences.

10. They may come face to face with very impossible situations like natural disasters or acts of terrorism.


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