Pros and Cons of “I’m Shmacked” College Parties in GIFs

College parties have always been the best part about college life but since the conception of ‘I’m Shmacked’, these parties have gained a whole new meaning. I’m Shmacked is a multi-million dollar college party documentary company. The concept is to film the college parties across the US and show a different side of those colleges. I’m Shmacked is hugely popular among high school and college students. The I’m Shmacked crew travels across the US colleges which promise more than 3000 students and throw huge parties whereby they film the comical and over-the-top antics of the students. The brand gained much criticism when an I’m Shmacked party in University of Delaware turned into a riot.

Pros and Cons of I’m Shmacked parties

Seeing how viral the Im’ Shacked videos have become has really sparked up a conflict of opinion among the college students.


These parties have so far portrayed an exaggerated version of what really transpires at the parties.

Im Shmacked Im Shmacked Exagerated
Shmacked exagerated gif Shmacked gif beer pong

These parties have mostly stirred up riots that get out of hand and the resultant publicity reflects badly on the college reputation.

Riots in Shmacked parties

The I’m Shmacked crew were welcomed at most colleges at one time but since the videos went viral and caused concerns among the college administration, it led to a stricter environment in the colleges to maintain their standards.

Shmacked party cops


A plus point on the other hand was the fact that it raised awareness among the new college students in their college selection.

College Selection I'm Shmacked
Courtesy Youtube: I’m Shmacked

Many of the I’m Shmacked videos gave a brief insight about the colleges which gave an overview about the respective college.

There have been many tweets regarding how the I’m Shmacked videos made people decide which college they want to attend.

College choice I'm Shmacked
Courtesy Youtube: I’m Shmacked

The videos fuel competition among schools and colleges.

Im Shmacked honor

Many students at party schools view I’m Shmacked videos as a badge of honor that helps them out-party one another.

I'm Shmacked badge
I’m Shmacked usually selects a venue close to the college so that it could easily sell of tickets and get much inflow of students as possible. Though the opinion about these parties and videos is divided, yet there are quite fun to attend and people come in huge numbers to party like it’s their last party ever.

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