What were the most outstanding moments for students in 2014

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1. The book which took a bullet for the student who carried it in his back pack.


On 21st November, 2014 a gunmen started shooting at the Florida State University (FSU) library, which injured 3 people. The gunmen was shot down by the police. A student, who was just leaving the library when the shooting happened, saw the gunmen shooting another collapsed victim. He immediately rushed to his car and drove back home. At home he discovered that a bullet penetrated his backpack, and the books but didn’t make it to his body. He realized later that he was the first victim of the gunmen lucky enough to be saved by his books.

2. A badass student leader


Lester Shum, pictured above, is the deputy secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students. He was arrested in October 2014 during a the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Lester is a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring initially in Information Engineering but later switched to Government and Public Administration.

3. Students cleaning up after the protest in Hong Kong


The students clean the streets of Hong Kong after the pro-democracy protests against the government. Students were a major part of the movement.

4. A Japanese college had a wear anything themed graduation ceremony.


At the Kawanza College of Arts in Japan, students can wear anything to their graduation ceremony. This year students dressed up as Mario cart cosplayers, fairy tales characters, and even everyday objects such as mobile phone, violen, tv camera etc.

5. Skiing to class


The picture above is of West Virginia University. Students had to skii to the classes since they weren’t canceled.

6. A seasonal greeting from the Chemistree


Students at the Chemistry department in Hanze University Holland made a Christmas tree which internet users named the Chemistree. It holds some acids and bases, different pH indicators and some dry ice.

7. The spirit of Education


Students at the Islamic University of Gaza pose for their 2014 graduation picture even with the building bombed out.

8. That is some tough admission criteria


A university entrance exam in central Afghanistan.

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