Witty Road Signs around the World

Our roads are filled with them: stop signs, billboards, advertisements; you name it. Most of the time they are quite normal, correct and boring. Every now and then (out of either sheer brilliance or stupidity) someone screws them up. Whatever the reason, these signs have one thing in common; they  are worth a second look. If you are lucky, you will spot one or two crazy road-side messages as you travel around the world. Until then, live vicariously through these hilarious examples of signage humor.

1) Will surely make you smile on your way to work

2) Go Slow or what!?

3) Thanks for the heads-up i guess

4) A sign you definitely want to see in the morning

5) Speed thrills but Kills

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6) Makes you wonder what kind of Deer are they

7) You will need a little more than luck to follow these directions

8) So where should i go?

9) Who knew dentures could be a hazard?

10) Beware of the mosquitoes that are larger than humans?

11) This sign surely deserves a double-take

12) That really helped the traffic!

13) Just hit the pedal…

14) Just in case you forgot

15) Mystery lies to the left

16) Speed what ahead?

17) Beware!

18)  Is it warning pedestrians to be vigilant, or telling drivers to aim for the people?

19) Absolutely priceless

20) Confused much?

These road signs impress upon us to pay more attention as we drive around. So when you are having a bad day, you might be able to find a little humor just around the corner—literally. This list may even inspire you to create your own twisted message to brighten someone else’s day.

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