How To Cheat In An Exam

While exams are meant to test the information you have acquired throughout a larger period of time, but some people simply cannot or do not want to study for them in any way. Well! Cheating in exams has existed basically since exams have existed themselves and while more and more precautions are taken to prevent students from gaining an unfair advantage, but there still are many sneaky ways of cheating in an exam when you were too lazy or busy to study.

Ways To Cheat In An Exam

Some of the interesting ways that can help you in cheating are as follows:

1. Paper TrickPaper trick

I know that old piece of paper trick is… old, but there are still excellent ways of concealing one and cheating using it For example: you can hide a piece of paper between your thighs or under your feet or even between your exam sheet. Try gluing a paper note on the sole of your shoe and if you get caught you will have the excuse that it simply got stuck to your shoe and you didn’t notice. Well! Females may have an advantage here as their cleavage is quite useful in hiding a piece of paper, teachers are much less likely to look for it there.

2. Using Coke BottleCoke bottle

Your examiner needs to allow you to carry a coke bottle in the examination room, for this trick to work. You can remove the label from the coke bottle and write anything that you are not able to remember with a light pen. Try putting some glue on the label and paste it back on the bottle and there you go. Just pull off the label; get the information and don’t forget to throw the label out.

3. Peeking PartnerPArtner

Easy way is to find a seat in the examination room near to the person who you think is well aware of the answers. Just adjust your seat in such a way that you can peek easily into his/her answer sheet and keep you head straight and move your eyes diagonally to directly look in to the answer sheet.

 4. Using Pen and PaperPen

Pen can be used as a source to roll down a small piece of paper with some information. Just make sure that the pen is not transparent one and when teacher is farthest from you calmly open the pen and pull out the paper; write down the information in answer sheet and then again roll it down inside the pen.

5. Use SignalsSignals

Using signals is the most common technique to cheat in an exam. Especially, if an exam is of multiple choice raise your finger to tell the other person the question number for whom answer you are looking for. If you think second is the right answer, raise your two fingers, and if fourth raise your four fingers. Other person will respond back by raising the number of fingers and if he raises one finger, this means answer for that question is the first option.


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