Funny Stages of Exam Preparation

Exams are an unfortunate necessity and that exam stress is a big part of many people’s lives. During Exams students have to pass through different stages. Some of these interesting stages are as follows:

1. The Plenty of Time Stage:plenty of time

When you first hear about the exam you brain is filled with the notion Man! You have got plenty of work ahead. Almost 95% of the time students are given plenty of warning about its approach and respond accordingly. Most students think: Wow! That’s ages away. Why are they telling us about it now? Well! Chances are they’re telling you about the exam for a good reason. I think earlier you are told about an exam gives you more time for study.

 2. The Calm but Curious Stage:Calm but curious

Have you started studying for that exam yet? This is when you ask a friend or fellow student whether they have started studying for the exam and if so how much have they done. Well! It’s a good indicator on whether you need to make a start or if it’s possible to hold of studying just that little bit longer. Ask a friend who you know hasn’t started yet in this way you will feel better about yourself.

 3. The More Urgent Stage:Worried

Urgent stage is almost identical to the previous one only this time you’ve actually started to worry especially when you find out that friend started studying a week ago.

 4. Do something else that’s productive Stage:wasting_time

In this stage you will do anything but study . It’s quiet a funny stage, you’ll mow the lawn, you’ll clean your room, you’ll wash the dog… you’ll wash your neighbor’s dog as long as you don’t have to open up a textbook.

 5. The “Denial” Stage:Denial

In this stage you will deny the act that you have to study, there can’t be that much to study for can there? Well! This is a more desperate version of the false security stage.

 6. The “Anger” Stage:Anger

In this stage you will say: How dare they put an exam at such a bad time? Don’t they realize I have other assessment to focus on too? And the fact you were reminded three weeks ago has conveniently slipped your memory due to the fit of rage you are currently in.

 7. The “Panic” Stage:Panic

In this stage the anger has worn off you start asking yourself why you didn’t study earlier. Actually you’re running out of excuses as you start to panic more, the textbook is now right in front of you but you haven’t opened it…yet.

 8. The “Acceptance” Stage:Acceptance

Well! This is the part where you finally throw all your excuses out the window and take the first step towards study; you open the textbook and silently promise yourself at least for the hundredth time that this will not happen again.


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