The Hardest part of being an EMT-B student

The EMTB students who are undergoing rigorous training and classes to become future EMTs/paramedics need to take into account the first hand experience of the senior students, try to know the things that are the hardest and work diligently to overcome them. Compiled below are former students’ view of the things that might give you a hard time.

1. EMT-B has a drop rate of around 20-40%. Generally around 50% or less make it past the NREMT test. This may be due the difficulties students overlook when joining an EMT-B program and drop out when things get tough. Some also cry foul about the difficulty of the coursework and a lack of practice on scenarios.

EMTB has high drop rate

2. Working with a cheap stethoscope during the first few weeks might be rough for some students because a low cost stethoscope might keep switching between the bell side and the diaphragm. But its better to start working with a cheap one so that one gets better with it and learn to appreciate a high quality stethoscope.


3. Taking the first ride-along can be a real fright for most students. During a call a student might tense the environment in the rig by asking too much questions. Its always better to ask but not during a call.

first time ride alongs

4. The OB/GYN terminologies, steps and skills are the tough ones. Remember to brush on them before the actual NREMT test.

Concentrate on the NMERT

5. During hospital clinicals students tend to slack off, act re-active and cause hindrance for the crew. You need to be pro-active, get up and get those vitals, know where the stuff is, be an active ride-along instead of an idle goof.

Slack off during clinicals

6. Students lie about patient’s vitals because it would be embarrassing to reveal to the crew that the BP readings might be incorrect. Don’t lie! Period. You are here to save lives, not your ass!

Dont lie about patient Vitals

If you have something to add to these points, kindly mention them in the comments below.

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