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Study in one of the most beautiful and rewarding countries worldwide with a publicly funded education. That’s right! In Norway, most levels of studies are financed by the government for Norwegian and international students. Norway offers a unique educational experience in a welcoming community with a comfortable standard of living. The country is also one of the best nations in health, security, wealth, and education.

Norway is home to memorizing scenery, beautiful fjords, and the renowned Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). And if you love the outdoors, this is the place for you. Whether you find yourself in the countryside or the city, you’ll benefit from all these unique aspects that make Norway a top destination for international students. Many entrepreneurs state that Norway is one of the best countries to fund and develop a start-up, giving students opportunities to either begin their own business or join a unique start-up to commence their careers.

Although some universities in Norway offer scholarships, as mentioned, most faculties support and assist students financially. So why not benefit from high-quality education for free? One of the top European universities and leading business schools is the NHH Norwegian School of Economics

‘For me, the NHH stands for a combination of high academic standards, rich traditions, and a modern approach together with a vibrant and diverse student community.’  – Izabela Hawrylko

NHH promotes high standards in research and education as a well-known internationally recognized research environment. You’ll find various fields in which you can specialize with their MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Whether you are interested in Marketing and Brand Management, Accounting, or Business Analytics, NHH allows every student to build the skills and knowledge to break through into the labour market. 

Graduates from NHH are highly sought after by potential employers even before they complete their final year, as many receive job offers before graduating. Although the admission competition is rigorous, with NHH you can gain the necessary attributes to succeed with virtually no fees.

But don’t stop here! Discover the alumni testimonials showing how NHH has helped students achieve their academic goals and made them feel part of a close community. This is what Aleon Nicolson, who is now a Global Data Specialist at Bloomberg LP, has to say:

‘I chose NHH because the school offers an internationally competitive academic setting, but prospective students should know that NHH offers so much more than a place to study and pursue their degree. Fantastic opportunities exist to make new friends and get involved on campus through academic, athletic, and social impact bulbs. My time spent at NHH was some of the best that I have had, and I hope that others will have the opportunity to experience it as well”.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about NHH Norwegian School of Economics and download their free brochure and explore the range of studies you can take to kick-start your future. 

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