Webinar: what it is and why you should join one

Do you have a university education? Are you looking for a new beginning and a new career path? Whether it’s just a course or an entire program, we can help you find the perfect one 

First of all , we know that the key to finding the right courses is to do a lot of research. You can, for example, talk to your professors, academic advisors and other students who have taken classes at the university of your interest.

Whether you’re looking for the best university to study at, or want to learn more about studying abroad, Docsity’s education experts will answer to all your questions, providing practical information and examples of successful careers.

How to choose the ideal course for your academic profile?

When you choose a university to study, the options and possibilities are endless. There are literally hundreds of thousands of universities around the world with completely different academic backgrounds, cultures and costs.

The decision to study abroad can be difficult, especially if linked to linguistic knowledge, or financial availability and therefore to the need to work while studying. Perhaps you have no experience of studying abroad and are afraid, or you simply don’t know if you will be able to adapt. 

Maybe you have had travel experiences, but you are still not sure what you can or should expect in a different country, with different customs and habits. Docsity has the mission to help you find the best college, wherever you want to study in the world. Sign up for free and start your personalized search now.

Why are webinars effective?

What makes webinars effective over physical events or workshops is that you don’t need to rent a physical venue, or deal with the logistics involved in organizing events in person.

As this is a virtual event, you can attend directly and from the comfort of your home (or on the subway), which is very convenient for everyone involved. When it comes to what you can do with webinars, the sky’s the limit! In fact, webinars work for both small groups and a wider audience with more than 100 participants.

This event format has gained a lot of popularity lately, especially with the limitations during the pandemic. During the online event you can participate in surveys, and interact with teachers and students in the chat and you can clarify your doubts in the Q&A section.

Here you can find more info on Fordham Gabelli School of Business

Docsity: pioneer in the best solutions for its users

The quickest and most effective answer to the initial question What is a webinar? Participating in one of these events; in this way, completely free and free, you will be able to touch the innumerable potential that this tool offers.

Have you ever thought about how you might attend an event in London, New York and Paris, but are you too far away to attend? What if I told you that Docsity offers you a way to bring the best universities in the world directly to your smartphone?

With the current crisis, colleges and universities have invested heavily in the transition to distance learning. However, Docsity pioneered the webinar format years ago as one of the first e-learning platforms to offer this service to the entire international community.

And now you can be part of a new type of event, entirely conducted with the new virtual reality Metaverso, Docsity in collaboration with IULM will hold a completely free online event in Italian on March 15, 2022. Find out more about “Metaverse, virtual and augmented reality: the new frontiers of marketing and business communication” and be sure to say hello to our new virtual presenter Gaia.

Visit our Youtube channel to review all previous meetings with the best universities and business schools in the world.

What is a webinar? From March 15th you can ask Gaia!

Choose your international destination and we will find the perfect university for you!

Regularly, Docsity presents its webinars led by professors from prestigious universities such as IULM (communication) and Bocconi (business school) in Italy, University of Pecs (medicine) in Hungary, Linnaeus University (several courses) in Sweden and Kaust (engineering) in Saudi Arabia, are among those who actively participate in our platform. This is how the best universities in the world communicate with students from all over the world about their courses, scholarships and services.

Docsity webinars are interactive events with the best universities and business schools in the world, where they present their courses and discuss topics related to international education. Also, for partner universities, this is the best way to reach alumni or new students anywhere in the world. Past webinars: if you are already familiar with our events and have not been able to attend our live webinar, don’t worry, the recordings are available for free here.

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