A Sustainable World Starts In The Green Heart Of Austria

Located in the green heart of Austria, the University of Leoben (Montanunviersität Leoben, MUL) is the lead of the EURECA-PRO (European University on Responsible Consumption and production). They pride themselves in facilitating students in tackling the challenges of our time concerning scarcity of resources, climate, energy and the environment

So what better place, to pursue your academic journey to help the world and its eco-system than a university in one of the most eco-friendly countries? In Austria, you’ll be immersed in scenic surroundings that offer incredible outdoor activities. Students will be able to enrich their time with world-class events such as Formula 1, Moto GP, Skiing Championships, or UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites.   

Furthermore, there  are various collaborations MUL relies on, and they cooperate with top institutions to further develop and achieve research projects to help the environment. You can be part of it all and study high-quality programs that will empower you to gain the necessary skills. 

Sustaining a better future

MUL invites everyone to be part of this proactive community through study programs on a Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Thanks to the Austrian government’s funding, tuition fees and living costs are reduced for students worldwide. Anyone can benefit from high-quality education at a university that thinks for the future. If you’re concerned with resources engineering and sustainability you may be interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Responsible Consumption & Production or Circular engineering. 

The study programs are entirely taught in English with a variety of Master’s degrees in sustainability and engineering allowing students the possibility of diverse career prospects. Students can put into practice effective and important changes that work to give future generations the future they deserve. 

MUL offers students worldwide:

  • low tuition fees and scholarships
  • highly relevant programs and high-quality teaching and training
  • a safe environment with a spectacular geographical location
  • a welcoming and an accessible community

It’d be a shame to miss out on an opportunity that could change your academic journey forever. If wanting to help our planet and its ecosystem is at the heart of your passions then why not take this opportunity to learn more about the University of Leoben and what it has to offer?

MUL can give you the tool to build a better world, so let’s make it happen!

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