Choose an undergraduate programme that gives you the knowledge to have a true impact

A lot, truly a lot, of knowledge already exists and much of it is more and more accessible thanks to the internet and open source projects.

Most importantly, knowledge grows when shared – yes, it works somehow like happiness.

Universities have a crucial role in framing new practices and building knowledge and this role is strongly bonded with research,programme offerings and exchanges.

One university that knows well how to generate and spread knowledge is The Education University of Hong Kong, an institution that won 78 awards since 2018 at international inventions exhibitions worldwide. Such outstanding results give evidence of the quality of EdUHK’s multidisciplinary programmes, which are able to contribute with a tangible impact to current challenges thanks to the innovation-driven attitude of the university.

The research activities of The Education University of Hong Kong focus on several fields: from learning processes and education models to sustainability and healthcare. For instance, as pollution is linked to several illnesses, they are developing a technology able to clear the air – “which has more direct impact than trying to influence governmental policies” says Professor Chetwyn Chan Che-hin, Vice President (Research and Development).

At The Education University of Hong Kong, it is believed that creating knowledge is a way to make it more impactful and useful than merely applying the existing one. For this reason, the university creates new learning opportunities  in artificial intelligence, environmental science and sports science and also plans to open an education entrepreneurship center at Hong Kong Science Park. 

However, EdUHK does not only care about creating knowledge and nurturing research: they also ease knowledge transfer thanks to patents and licensing, which help them to collect funds to keep investing in innovation.

It is not easy to find such a virtuous circle. If you are looking for the perfect undergraduate programme for you choosing from a wide offering: from Creative Arts and Culture to Artificial Intelligence and Educational Technology, and many in-between! Remember that knowledge transfer can turn out to be a key success factor in your education and the development of your career 😉 

Find out more about EdUHK and don’t miss the opportunity to set the highest standards for your future career.

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