Choosing a university is about the mark that you want to leave

We are living in an era of challenges which, starting from practical needs and evidence, require more and more a change in the philosophical approach to the way we usually think about society, wellness and economy.

Education plays a key role in shaping the minds and competences of students that will have to face such challenges and universities need to be well equipped to respond to this calling. 

Our future and that of innovation ask for hybrid skills and hence professionals who are able to look at situations from original perspectives to find new and sustainable solutions.

Universities like HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management are hubs with a hands-on approach to education, allowing students to develop skills that are taught within specialized and at the same time interdisciplinary study programs, e. g. in the fields of design, psychology, communication or management and their intersections. The concept of these study programs is a response to the huge need in companies, also the biggest ones, to hire professionals who are able to see the broad picture and create design solutions taking into account their wider impact, including of course their aspects of sustainability.

At this point we want to introduce Prof. Dr. Henning Breuer, who has been advising large tech companies, start-up and public organizations on innovation and business psychology issues and who has been Professor of Business and Media Psychology (Department of Psychology) at HMKW since 2013. He has been dealing with business model innovation related to sustainability in academic research and teaching, with the objective to propose solutions to address specific challenges creating sustainable value from an economic, social and ecological point of view.

Together with two co-authors he recently published a book about the important topic of sustainable innovation and business design, containing the presentation of 45 different business models. Prof. Breuer shares his expertise among others with his students of the Master of Science Business Psychology course in the module “Innovation and Entrepreneurship“.

Are you willing to be one of those students? Discover more about HMKW, HMKW’s experienced teaching staff and its programs and take up the challenge!

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