Diversity at IE University: a catalyst for global minds

IE University stands as a beacon of diversity welcoming over 7,000 students from more than 140 nationalities. This vibrant mosaic of cultures and languages fosters an environment where open-mindedness is not just encouraged but lived daily. Beyond campus life, IE University’s commitment to diversity transcends into inclusive, curiosity-driven initiatives, aiming to transform students into global citizens.

Championing gender equality and inclusivity

IE University’s approach to gender equality is noteworthy. With women constituting 69% of their full-time staff and 51% of undergraduate students, the University is not merely balancing the scales but also empowering women through initiatives such as IE Women. This program not only fosters female representation in classrooms but also nurtures future women leaders in business, tech, and entrepreneurship, supported by scholarships like the Shetrades Scholarship and the Women in Finance Scholarship.

Empowering through scholarships and global outreach

IE University’s scholarship programs reflect its dedication to accessible education. These scholarships, including the IE Asia Pacific Talent Scholarship and IE Latin America Future Leaders Scholarship, outline the university’s commitment to nurturing a diverse academic community. Additionally, IE University’s increasing focus on Africa, with new offices in Johannesburg and Lagos, exemplifies its aim to strengthen intercultural dialogue and uplift future African leaders.

Beyond academia: influencing the business world

IE University’s influence extends into the business sector through the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management. Established in 2002, the center aids organizations in leveraging diversity for resilience and innovation. Tools like GAPI and collaborations on the InnoDiversity Index are part of IE University’s strategy to incorporate inclusivity in business practices.

Fostering diversity through student engagement

Student life at IE University reflects its diversity ethos. With over 100 student clubs, including the IE Out & Allies Club, the University offers platforms for diverse interests and dialogues. The club’s annual LGBT@Work conference is a prime example, promoting networking and sharing experiences. The formation of the IE University Diversity & Inclusion Committee, in response to global social issues, highlights the university’s proactive stance on promoting diversity and awareness.

IE University’s journey towards an inclusive society is continuously evolving. Through its diverse programs, initiatives, and student-led activities, IE University is not just an educational institution: it’s a melting pot where different perspectives are valued and celebrated, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Interested in being a part of this dynamic and diverse educational journey? 

Visit IE University’s website to learn more about their programs and how you can contribute to and benefit from this global community.

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