Higher Quality Education In The Heart Of Silicon Valley

If you’re eager to learn how to launch your start-up or dive into an energetic career, Silicon Valley is the place to be. You should start by checking out the first State Public University in California, San José State University (SJSU). 

San José State’s history begins in 1857 and it is a vibrant, all-encompassing institution supporting the tenth-largest city San José in the US. The university is committed to achieving the university’s mission as a reactive institution by: 

  • enriching student’s lives
  • provide students with the knowledge and skills to apply in society
  • develop their learning through research and scholarships 

San José State University grants bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in 250 different fields. In addition to providing exceptional education, SJSU has also been a crucial pillar in the economic, social, and cultural development of California and Silicon Valley. There are many practical majors for you to choose from Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medical Product Development Management, Biotechnology, to Business Management and Design Studies, etc. 

You’re invited to join San José State University’s next virtual session on March 10th 8:30 PM PST and discover more about what the university has to offer. The SJSU recruitment team will host the session for international students and parents and this is what you can expect:

  • Degrees that lead to globally competitive careers
  • Tips for completing the application process
  • Life as an international student at SJSU
  • Access to opportunities in the Bay Area
  • Live Q&A and more

Sign up now and attend the virtual session to learn about SJSU’s exceptional programs to kick-start your future with a top US university in beautiful northern California. Learn and grow in a safe and diverse environment to broaden your horizons this  Fall – San José State university’s applications for Fall 2023 are open till April 1, 2023!

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