Making An Impact Through Cultivated Talent

There are many amazing stories of students who make a difference through innovative university programs. Their mission allows them to socially impact communities no matter where they are in the world. 

Today we want to share Siddik’s story from WHU University and how his degree helped him help others. 

With no previous business background or German as his second language, Siddik could excel in both areas through his studies and semester abroad. But what helped him expand his knowledge and take on an entrepreneurship path was his Master in Entrepreneurship with WHU. 

“That’s where the exponential growth of my knowledge really began.”

Siddik Turhalli

The various fields that WHU offers students allowed Siddik to gain insight into practical courses such as strategy consulting, investment banking and venture capital. This perspective and allowed him to better understand the business world to grow his social initiative EMPATHY further

This course provided Siddik with the necessary expertise and allowed him to connect and receive job offers from companies he wasn’t sure he could access. 

Venture Capital for the win

Venture capital allows investors to help start-ups and small businesses financially for long-term growth. It also allows you to learn about innovations in various industries. 

Siddik has been able to help and support founders and small businesses, acting as a mentor to help these entrepreneurs change the world and make a positive impact. 

So if you want to make a difference, consider a business school such as WHU and its business programs. The university is dedicated to supporting its students through highly regarded academic courses and education for executives. 

Explore the endless possibilities you can achieve by pursuing an education in entrepreneurship and help make a difference through innovative learning.

WHU offers diverse Masters to fit your interests and personal development best. You’ll learn from the best experts in the industry and expand your global connections to one of Europe’s top-ranking business schools. 

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