Meet CODE, the University of Applied Sciences that will make you question your (creative) dimension

Ever so often we are confronted with the daunting thought of whether or not the path we chose for our academic and professional career is the right one. In a world where everything is at the reach of our fingertips, just one click away, it is easy to start questioning ourselves maniacally, spiraling down a train of thought that seldom leads to anything productive. Most of the time, as a coping mechanism, we learn to avoid the feeling that stems from questioning our choices. “It is what it is” – we say, while we shrug and absentmindedly move on to the next task.

What if change is to be embraced, instead of feared? This is the approach that worked wonderfully for Stefanie Keichel, a #fourthdimension Software Engineering student at CODE. She recounts her experience of switching gears in her personal and professional life when she chose to abandon the classical 9-5 job in favor of applying to study at CODE. 

Now, two months later, I stand in my kitchen, my computer is in front of me, and I’m talking to Manuel Dolderer, the president and a co-founder of CODE. We are having a Zoom meeting while cooking a curry together. My story is about leaving the comfort zone and taking a leap of faith and taking that chance and maybe doing something meaningful in my life. There is a quote by Steve Jobs that I love: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Speaking of connecting the dots, if you ever wondered if learning and fun could go hand in hand, the answer is – yes! CODE University of Applied Sciences is a place where curiosity and passion take the lead: located in Berlin, Germany, its mission is to provide future-oriented education that enhances design thinking while pushing boundaries in both the traditional and digital industries.
The Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Arts offered by CODE are state-accredited and designed to create spaces where students can explore their passions in an environment that fosters collaboration, community bonding, and individual support. As a CODE student, you can expect to acquire the ability to solve problems across different fields of study—not just within one industry or area of interest. 

Whatever your background, CODE will give you the tools to stand on your own two feet. Such was the experience of Thais Correia, originally a professional in the health sector, who decided to stay in Berlin and find the best possible fit for her professional growth. She recalls her experience of stumbling on CODE as an unexpected thing […]. By pure coincidence, one day, I met a person who mentioned CODE in a conversation we had about new approaches to education. I went back home and searched for CODE. I read the website, and I found something quite unique. Here it was. The university I was looking for, with the approach I believe in.

If you’re excited about your future and you’re not afraid to leave your past behind you, you’ll be excited about CODE: click here to know more about the available courses.

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