Navigate A Global & Digital World Through A Job In Sales

Should you study sales? In short, yes! You may think you know the term “Sales”, but behind it is an incredible variety of innovative career paths that look different depending on your career aspirations, skills, and personality. Sales is fundamentally and continually evolving due to digitalisation, which contributes to the excitement of the profession. Not only is it a stimulating and diverse professional trajectory, but it’s one that has the potential to be lucrative if you excel at certain parts of it. 

The theoretical foundation behind the study of sales and marketing is useful, but the best thing about studying this topic is uncovering all the career options that may be a good fit for you. Business development, sales management, account management, consulting, and marketing are a few of the most sought-after careers.

Each of the subcategories that fall under ‘Sales’ (and by extension, marketing) can lead you in such different directions so you’ll want to think about your interests, skills, and values. If you value creativity in your work life, consider a career in digital marketing or advertising. If you’re methodical and enjoy problem-solving, then maybe analytics is the track for you.  Business development may be the path to take if you’re an excellent communicator and strategic thinker.

Then there’s the earning potential. In the EU, about 15 to 17% of jobs are within the service and sales area, and positions such as Sales or Marketing Director have highly competitive salaries. Many traditional salesperson roles offer a base salary plus commission earnings, meaning that if you’re willing to work hard and perfect your sales skills, you can earn a sizable salary.

Finally, with a sales background, it’s likely that you’ll never be out of a job. Sales is a key part of the economy and is needed in just about every company and industry.

The Master in International Sales Management at ESCP Business School is an excellent example of gaining sales knowledge and practical skills with a splash of marketing and business theory. The world of sales is all about relationships, negotiation, and results. As more and more companies digitalise and go global, intercultural competency is a core part of the sales skillset. Studying sales in an international context, at an international business school, will give you a head start in this challenging and rewarding industry.

“Therefore, learning how to build close relationships with colleagues and customers from a multitude of different cultures is becoming a core sales and marketing competency”.

Once you’ve completed your Master’s in International Sales Management, you’ll have all the necessary tools to excel in a digitalized and globalized world. 

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