Shape the Future: The Master in Management, Finance & Tech

In a world where the intersection of technology and finance is not just inevitable but essential, the new triple degree Master in Management, Finance & Tech (MFT) stands as a beacon of innovative education. This program, a collaborative effort between emlyon business 

school, Bayes Business School, and POLIMI Graduate School of Management, is designed to train the business leaders of tomorrow.

A unique tripartite educational journey

The Master in Management, Finance & Tech  program offers a rare educational journey through three of Europe’s most leading business schools. The journey begins at Emlyon Business School in Lyon, France, where students are immersed in the fundamentals of management. The adventure continues in Milan, Italy, at POLIMI Graduate School of Management, where the focus shifts to the cutting-edge intersection of finance and technology. The finalstop isin the vibrant financial center of London, UK, at Bayes Business School, where you can focus on corporate finance or finance, depending on your path.

What’s in store?

Graduatesof this program earn three prestigious degrees:

  • Master in Management from emlyon business school
  • MSc in Corporate Finance or Finance from Bayes Business School
  • Specialized Master in Management, Finance & Tech from POLIMI Graduate School of Management

Why this Master in Management, Finance & Tech?

The Master in Management, Finance & Tech program is not just about degrees; it’s about real-world application. The curriculum is infused with the latest innovations, from data analytics in finance to cryptocurrency, ensuring that students are industry-ready. The inclusion of a 6-month European internship provides practical experience that enhances the knowledge gained.

A global network at your fingertips

Students in the Master in Management, Finance & Tech program will not only gain knowledge useful for the best future job opportunities, but they will also become part of a wide network connecting them with peers, industry experts and alumni from around the world. This network will be a powerful tool for career development and lifelong learning.

If you want to position yourself at the forefront of international management, finance, and tech, the Master in Management, Finance & Tech program is your gateway. It is your pathway to diverse cultures, a global perspective, and the skills most in demand in today’s marketplace.

How to Apply?

Applications are open to individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree and can be made through the Bayes Business School website. Don’t miss your chance!

Shape Your Future with the Master in Management, Finance & Tech

Embark on a journey that promises not just a degree, but a transformative experience. Immerse yourself in a program that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and network to thrive in the global landscape of business, finance, and technology. 

Explore courses, careers, apply and take the first step toward a career that is not only successful, but also dynamic and, most importantly, fulfilling and rewarding. 

Your future in business, finance and tech starts here.

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