Succeed With A Top Norwegian University

You can study in one of the world’s most stunning and satisfying nations with a publicly supported education. The government funds most academic levels in Norway for domestic and international students. Norway offers a distinctive educational experience in a friendly neighbourhood with a high standard of life

So if you’re looking to study in Norway at a top business school, why not hear what NHH Norwegian School of Economics students have to say?

A day in the life of an NHH student is composed of unique and engaging lectures with leading industry professors. Aygul shares that her classes are designed in the best way possible to fit her learning outcomes and have many practical courses. The variety of projects and assignments allows you to work alone and in a group in one of the NHH’s reading halls. 

Maria, for example, loves meeting up with her friends on campus to have lunch and work together in her favourite course, Strategic Entrepreneurship, as she can participate in many group discussions and casework. 

NHH’s campus provides everything students need, from dedicated lecture rooms to an extensive library. With a modern and well-equipped campus, students can connect with their peers and create a vast network surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

“Campus is located in a beautiful spot with a fascinating view of mountains and ocean. There are huge auditoriums equipped with the latest technology and a range of places to study alone or in groups. Anyone can choose the best possible environment to study at the campus. The cafeteria offers high quality and tasty food at reasonable prices.” 

  • Aygul

NHH isn’t only devoted to providing students with an efficient and modern campus, lecture rooms or canteen. The university also helps students succeed and find their ideal career path through practical experience and partnerships. At NHH, you can explore a range of minor programs, double degrees, exchange semesters and internships. You can discover what opportunities can increase your skillset and chance of employability and always be in the loop of what’s happening in the business industry. Students are also paired with a mentor who can “help them tackle problems arising in a job search and give them advice on how to stand out as an applicant.”

If you’re looking to begin your academic path with a top business school, then NHH is the right choice for you. Many students have had great success in finding a career even before graduating, just like Aygul and Maria. 

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