The eternal city could be your classroom this Summer

If you are fascinated by art, design and visual communication, you already know that it might not be easy to find a course with the right balance between sensitivity to beauty and professional skills so that the former enhances the latter, and vice versa.
In such cases, the stimuli coming from the environment play a fundamental role to put theory into practice. 

If you have ever seen a movie, or even an Instagram reel shooted in Rome, it should be quite easy to understand why the eternal city is one of the most inspiring places on earth.

So, why not taking it all with one of the Summer Experience English Courses offered by AANT – Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie?

AANT is a non-state institution active in Rome since 1992 and offering professionalising courses aimed at people interested in design and visual communication.  Thanks to suitable environmental conditions, teaching takes place in the classroom as well as outdoors. You can be in direct contact with the beauties of Rome everyday and make them the protagonists of your stories, which will be unique thanks to what you will learn during the courses.

What can you study this summer?

Rome. A vision. Photography and visual storytelling

The course is designed to be an exciting explorative and formative experience on two different levels. The assistance of a photography teacher, who is also an art historian, will enable these two levels of learning to take place in parallel and will help each participant to achieve technical skills, but at the same time to have an unforgettable experience in exploring the unique historical and artistic context of Rome.

The Magical light of Rome. Lighting the cultural heritage

The course aims to provide an innovative key to understanding the interaction between light and artwork by taking advantage of the extraordinary beauty of the city of Rome and its unique natural light conditions. Each lesson is designed specifically to explore certain design, technical and aesthetic aspects that are fundamental for the enhancement and preservation of the works of art learning, based on the emotional involvement of the participants.

Light and the city. Images of Rome photography and lighting design

An exciting program that combines technical and training with an on-site opportunity for discussion in the incomparable spontaneous setting of Rome. The aim of the course is to provide new skills in a highly immersive way: during the lessons, headphones and radios will be used to allow participants to move freely around the spaces and subjects without ever losing contact with the teachers. Light and the City is a course that will allow participants to bring back a unique and unforgettable experience about a city told beyond stereotypes, with its beauty finally revealed and read through a careful and professional analysis of its most magical aspect: light.

Dream big and live a unique professionalizing experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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