The eternal city could be your classroom this Summer

The world has become a very small and connected place, thanks to the Internet. If you’ve thought several times about going to study in Italy or having even a short experience there, you’ve probably sifted through hundreds of photos on Instagram, read blog posts written by previous students abroad (or online reviews), and perused top-10 lists on the best cities to visit in Italy, among a thousand other things. Without a doubt, the first suggestion you found was Rome, the Eternal City. Among the thousands of opportunities offered by this must-see city,  you will gain new knowledge by being in direct contact with the monuments around you. One of the areas you could explore is Design and Visual communication thanks to the Summer Experience English Courses offered by AANT – Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, a non-state institution active in Rome since 1992.

For AANT, the student is the centre of all activities, in terms of investment and commitment. AANT turns the student into a vehicle for values and qualities that can be useful in their future work, such as quality learning and expertise. The aim is to create the next generation of creative and highly trained professionals, ready to be immediately introduced into the professional working world. 

The summer schedule of classes is an integral part of the program. Thanks to suitable environmental conditions, teaching takes place in the classroom as well as outdoors. Students are in direct contact with the beauties of Rome everyday. Elements of the city become the protagonists of their stories,  and they develop themes  and visual documentation that will be testimony of the training process and also a treasure chest of invaluable memories. This is all created by visiting the city’s millenary artistic and architectural testimonieswith new eyes.

What can you study this summer?

Rome. A vision. Photography and visual storytelling

The course has been designed to be an exciting explorative and formative experience on two different levels.The assistance of a photographyr teacher, who is also an art historian, will enable these two levels of learning to take place in parallel and will help each participant to achieve technical skills, but at the same time to have an unforgettable experience in exploring the unique historical and artistic context of Rome.

The Magical light of Rome. Lighting the cultural heritage

The course aims to provide an innovative key to understanding the interaction between light and artwork by taking advantage of the extraordinary beauty of the city of Rome and its unique natural light conditions. Each lesson is designed specifically to explore certain design, technical and aesthetic aspects that are fundamental for the enhancement and preservation of the works of artlearning, based on the emotional involvement of the participants.

Each year new projects are included in the teaching program, becoming part of the curriculum. On the other hand, opportunities with more extemporaneous characteristics such as contests promoted by public institutions or big Brands, are managed through the “AANT Farms”. 

What are you waiting for? Find out how to have an unforgettable experience in Rome

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