The Road to Sustainability: Radboud University’s Pledge

Is a world that is better for everyone part of your vision too? 

If the answer is “yes”, we have great news for you! As of 2021, Radboud University (located in Nijmegen, Netherlands) has been introducing sustainability as an integral part of the curriculum for every student. 

Indeed, the University proposes that the road to a sustainable world does not begin with a diploma, it begins with education, it therefore fosters an academic climate in which everyone feels at home and can develop their talents to contribute to a greener, more sustainable world for the generations to come.

Enrolled students at Radboud are asked to embark on the sustainability journey by taking courses related to the topic, and to experience it in various learning forms, both inside and outside the classroom, a mix which is an important component of all Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at the Dutch university. If you choose to major in Sustainability Science, Sustainable Environmental Management, Sustainable Business and Innovation, Spatial Planning, Climate Studies or Human Geography you will have a focus on sustainability issues and you can graduate with a fully accredited Bachelor’s degree after 3 years or Master’s degree after 1 year.

Radboud University currently offers 14 Bachelor’s programmes, 35 Master’s programmes, of which almost 40 education programmes and various postgraduate courses in the field of sustainability. As a student, you have the opportunity to specialize in your own field of study with the help of a broad range of elective courses focusing on the matter. 

Now you can choose from one of the unique education programmes at Radboud and learn how you can make an impact, create change and influence the future through innovation and research. In a stimulating environment that is free, critical and open-minded, where people thinking in terms of solutions instead of problems is everyday practice. At Radboud University you will gain the skills to make a difference.
For more details on sustainability in education at Radboud, click here.

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