Campus France: a team of experts to help you fulfill the dream of studying in France

Oftentimes, the dream of studying abroad brings challenges that may become quite daunting and make you wonder if you really have what it needs to live such an ambitious yet life-changing experience.

First of all, take a moment and breathe: all international students perfectly know that feeling – and we are talking about millions.

Starting with a to-do list may help you to have clearer ideas about what you need to cover to make your dream come true 😉

Once you have your list, take it one step at a time: make research and find out if there are any people or institutions who are able to support you, and don’t be shy: ask for all the help and information you need! 

For example, if you aspire to study in France and are trying to figure out how to make your dream true, Campus France can be the perfect solution for you!

Campus France is the national agency responsible for promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming international students and researchers to France. It is a government agency under the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Among its several services, Campus France closely works with higher education institutions to define and improve their internationalisation strategies. Nonetheless, they develop and manage European projects to facilitate international student mobility.

On the students’ side, Campus France supports those moving to France before they leave their home country and throughout their stay with administrative procedures, scholarships, finding an accommodation, language courses, and many other services – like opening a French bank account or in case you want to find a part-time job while studying.

Also, Campus France gives you access to a rich calendar of events and initiatives that are fundamental to take the best out of your international experience as well as to create a professional network for the future.

What are you waiting for? With offices in more than 130 countries and over 370 research and educational partners, Campus France already has the solutions for many of the aspects that worry you the most.

Rendez-vous en France!

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