Do you want to build a greener world?

Bridge into a Master’s degree with a Graduate Diploma from KPU in Canada

Two schools in Canada and Switzerland have joined forces to build a more sustainable world. Are you ready to join the movement?

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), Canada’s leading polytechnic university, has partnered with Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), a business school in Switzerland focused on sustainability and responsible management, to build a bridge for students to attain an MBA or Master of Management in areas of:

  • Green Business Management & Sustainability
  • Global Business Management. 

How It Works

What it is: Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at KPU have the opportunity to earn a Master in Management or MBA from the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS). 

How it works: Students will complete the KPU Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and take five additional courses at SUMAS, either online, partly online, or on-location in Switzerland. 

Areas of Study: SUMAS and KPU offer 10 double-credential Master of Management and MBA programs that lead to a Master’s (MBA or MAM) degree in Finance and Responsible Investment, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Hospitality, Sustainable Fashion, and more!

Who it’s for

  • The Green Business Management Program is ideally suited for professionals interested in venturing into the evolving business movement of managing companies and organizations that are green or greening themselves. 
  • The Global Business Management program is designed for individuals who want to actively and constructively participate in global business opportunities and challenges. Whether the participants have industry experience or are starting their career, the program is designed to prepare them to successfully address supervisory and managerial needs in a business environment.

Where it happens: 

  • KPU is in British Columbia, Canada, with five campuses in Metro Vancouver
  • SUMAS is located in Gland, Switzerland.  It offers innovative business programs integrated with state of the art sustainability knowledge and combines high-level academic education with real-life projects in partnership with top companies. SUMAS was the first business school in the world to launch the BBA and MBA in Sustainability Management. 

If you want to be a leader in building a greener world or leading global business pursuits, this could be the path for you. Explore more about KPU today. 

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