ECAM LaSalle awarded the Bienvenue en France label

ECAM LaSalle, the French engineering school, has received the Bienvenue en France (“Welcome to  France”) label, issued by Campus France, which attests to how well the school welcomes engineering  students from abroad, on its campus based in Lyon. 

Recognition of ECAM LaSalle’s support for foreign  students 

A true recognition of the quality with which foreign students are hosted and supported, the Bienvenue  en France label is also a strong tool to promote the school’s appeal at the international level. On  November 10, the school was awarded the Bienvenue en France label for a period of 4 years by Campus  France, a public organization responsible for promoting French higher education abroad. 

This label testifies to how well foreign engineering students are hosted at the school, based on several  criteria including access to information, the range of training programs offered, housing and the quality  of campus life. ECAM LaSalle thus joins the 101 other certified higher education establishments in  France. “We can be proud of this great result obtained thanks to everyone’s efforts here at the  school,” stated Didier Desplanche, Director of ECAM LaSalle. “It recognizes the quality of our work in  welcoming and providing support for international students.” 

International mobility: a key focus for ECAM LaSalle 

For many years, the french school has placed a central focus on welcoming and taking care of its foreign  students. With the support of its International Relations Department, ECAM LaSalle is strengthening  its global dimension. This includes international development of the campus by hosting foreign  students and researchers, building partnerships with international universities, creating scientific and  technical curricula in English and more. Every year, the school’s campus welcomes student engineers  from approximately thirty different countries. Combining high-quality scientific training with cultural  awareness is the school’s promise to its international students!

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