ESCP Business School was created over 200 years ago by entrepreneurs. Driven by European values, it inspires and educates business leaders who will impact the world. With its 6 campuses in Europe, the school has developed a distinctive concept to management disciplines based on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and open approach.

More than 8,000 ESCP students, representing 122 nationalities, develop their creativity, curiosity, boldness and ambition, and are led by principles that inspire collaborative leadership and progress for a stronger world.

Over 170 research-active professors, representing 33 nationalities, cultivate academic excellence in order to shape leaders who are capable of doing business in an open and responsible way. We have developed innovative educational content related to Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS) in each of our programmes. This has been achieved by creating dedicated programmes to these topics, as well as the integration of ERS content in existing programmes.

Being part of this journey allows you to make your own choices by defending your point of view on the future and on your management style. It also gives meaning to business, whichever sector you choose. Furthermore, you will automatically be part of the ESCP Alumni Association, alongside 68,000 graduates who live in 150 countries worldwide. The Association supports its members by boosting their careers, developing their networks and promoting the ESCP brand.

From the Bachelor degree to the Executive Education programmes, ESCP offers you a wide range of programmes allowing you to choose the one most suited to you. ESCP also offers a full portfolio of Masters Degree for young graduates or young professionals. In accordance with your needs, you can choose to study in a general management programme, such as the Master in Management or the MBA in International Management, or to study in a specialised programme in Strategy, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Big Data, etc.

Depending on the programme, you will also have the opportunity to choose which campus or campuses to study on with the choice of Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw.

Several generations of entrepreneurs and managers were thus trained in the firm belief that the business world may contribute to society in a positive way. This conviction and ESCP’s values – Excellence, Singularity, Creativity, Plurality – guide our mission on a daily basis and build its teaching approach.

For us, it all starts here.

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