Find Out Why A STEM Degree Is Right For You

A master’s degree represents a commitment to not just a chosen specialization or career path, but also to your life’s work. The Masters of Science programs at Alliant International University are STEM focused and continue building upon the theories, research, innovations, and technologies learned in the undergraduate program, but provide an even more enriching experience to equip you in your future career. 

Alliant offers a combination of internships, practica, consulting, and community service projects, which will ensure that you have the hands-on training you need to begin making an impact in your field from the moment you take your first step off its commencement stage. The staff and faculty work with students to harness every opportunity to present at industry conferences, publish their work, and build partnerships with industry organizations while earning their degrees.

Master’s in Data Analytics
There is a growing demand for individuals who can harness the vast amount of data being generated in the world today. With a Master of Science in Data Analytics degree, you’ll be able to decipher complex data and turn it into the meaningful business intelligence organizations rely on to reduce costs, design new products, improve efficiencies, and maintain a competitive edge. 

Masters in Information Systems Technology
A Master’s degree in this STEM field prepares you to excel in the growing technology sector as a developer, product manager, web production specialist, or in another integral role. The graduate program nurtures your critical thinking, increases science literacy, encourages innovation, and opens the door to opportunities in computer systems technologies from information analysts, programmers, software engineering, cybersecurity specialties, and others. From 2020 to 2030, the projected openings annually for software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers is 189,200.  

Masters in Healthcare Analytics
This graduate program will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in healthcare analytics, following all best practices in data analytics and the ability to apply them to the many facets of modern healthcare. This Master’s in Healthcare Analytics program will prepare you to knowledgeably engage with stakeholders around data and analytics so that you can make a difference in your chosen healthcare organization.

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