How to choose your masters course at Alliance Manchester Business School

Are you in the process of choosing a business masters course? Are you unsure which of our 16 master’s courses is right for you? Let us help! We’ve got some guidance on how to go about making this important decision.

Career goals

Firstly, consider your motivations – what do you want to get out of your master’s? If you have a solid career goal, consider which course is most suitable for your dream job. Which course will give you the practical skills required in the job description? Reading information about graduate destinations for each course will give you an idea of the kind of routes you could take with each course, although these documents are by no means exhaustive.

What do you enjoy studying?

If you don’t have a defined career goal, perhaps you will want to study a subject that you will find enjoyable. Ask yourself – do I see myself studying this subject intensively for 12 months? Some of our courses have special features, for instance, MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management offers its students the chance to take part in a client-facing consultancy project, where students, in place of writing a dissertation, will work with a company over the summer before completing a report based on your work.

Speak to a current student 

There is no better way to get a first-hand opinion than by speaking with a current student. Our UniBuddy chat tool allows you to speak to a current student on the course, and therefore gain valuable insight into life at AMBS and the course you’re interested in.

Do your research

Ultimately though, there is no hiding from the fact that you need to do your research – look over the course unit details for the courses you’re interested in. The best way to do this is to go to the ‘Course Details’ section on each of the course webpages, which is where all mandatory and elective modules are listed. It will also detail the research opportunities for that course. By clicking on each of the course units, you will be able to see the teaching staff, reading list, assessment methods and the learning outcomes.

Ready to start your research? Check out Alliance Manchester Business School and explore the paths to the future you want.

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