Life of an online student at the University of Essex Online

Whether you are familiar with online learning or not, it comes with many perks. The University of Essex Online is proud to have received a 95% student satisfaction rating (National Student Survey 2021) – showing the institution is highly capable of providing an effective virtual learning environment for students of all backgrounds. 

Interactive virtual learning platform

Studying online gives you the freedom to study when it suits you. Instead of a traditional campus, the courses are delivered through a virtual learning environment (VLE). The online study experience includes:

  • interactive virtual learning platform accessible 24/7
  • multimedia lecturecasts to guide you through your study materials
  • discussion forums to engage and debate with your fellow students
  • live Q&A and seminar sessions with your tutor
  • online resources including an eLibrary of academic texts and journals
  • 100% online assessment via written assignments, individual and group projects, reflective journal entries and more
  • no exams on the majority of courses

Student support

While many may think learning online means limited support, the University of Essex Online goes above and beyond to provide remarkable support from day one, ensuring students will be able to benefit as much as possible from the university. There is a range of student services available including academic, pastoral, and technical support.

Student Advisers and tutors are very supportive… I strongly advise investing one or two years studying an online qualification, to increase your career options and open up paths to achieve your goals.” – Adolfo Gonzalez, PG Dip Education

“The academic support provided by Essex Online has hugely improved my confidence and outlook, allowing me to view my dyslexia as a benefit – something that I hadn’t experienced in earlier parts of my education. They are open-minded and incredibly flexible in their approach to dealing with everyone, with a disability or not, on an individual basis. Essex Online has enabled me to study whenever it suits me” – Sophie Blackmore, LLB (Hons) Law

What our students say

It is never too late to start learning or continue your learning. Choosing the University of Essex Online helped inspire many of our students to explore their options and further their career. Plus, many more soft skills can be gained from learning online.

Don’t believe us? Here is what some of our students have said:

 “I have been so impressed with the way that the courses are run that after my degree I want to explore the option of becoming a lecturer myself… I have learnt time management, research skills and drastically improved my language and writing skills. This has helped me expand my business, engage in more meaningful conversations and given me a direction that I severely lacked in my early life.” – Adam – LLB (Hons) Law with Business

“I have been able to grow my network and receive insights from individuals all over the world, and in different industries which I would have struggled to achieve without studying with Essex Online… I’ve also appreciated being able to access a huge range of online resources, at any point throughout my course, including eBooks, lecturecasts, seminar recordings and research papers.” – Tansy, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The University of Essex Online offers a wide range of 100% online and part-time courses to fit your busy lifestyle. Our students are situated in over 140 countries and studying here means you will be gaining a qualification from one of the top 30 universities in the UK (Complete University Guide 2022). If you still have concerns about studying online, you can speak to a current student to get their perspective of studying with the University of Essex Online.

To summarise, there are many benefits to online learning including flexibility, accessibility and affordability. The additional Essex Online perks include quick feedback turnaround, small class sizes and free trial period. The lessons are global with students and tutors participating from anywhere in the world. And rather than fretting about exams, most of the courses assess students exclusively through assignments.

Learn more

The University of Essex Online has regular start dates throughout the year. It is free to apply for their courses; all you need to do is submit their online application form – it can be completed in 5 simple steps! To request more information or connect with a team member, go here.

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