Overseen at University of Toronto – Throwback Thursday

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“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age” – Booth Tarkington

Presented below is a collection of some past memories to cherish and enjoy

1. Finals!! Moral: Only those who have ingested adequate caffeine survive

2. Suspicious person trespassing alert! – 9 months ago

3. 2 years ago-Colin Mochrie at the Junior common room

4. Rainbow after storm at University of Toronto



5. UofT Harlem Shake in the YouTube April Fool’s joke!

6. Spotted at UofT

7. 9 month ago some sort of weird viral marketing thing took place

8. “Just two guys who don’t know how to fight”



9. Massacre on library books

10. Someone stealthily hung this in Con Hall – 4 years ago

11. Danesi being Danesi

12. In front of mechanical engineering building some 3 years ago



13. State of UofT Engineering in 1965

14. UofT wifi – Around 2012

15. Student life community crew

16. Spotted Around Campus



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