Research facilities at US Educational Institutes

American Flag : : Research at AMerican InstitutesResearch is the heart of scientific and Technological Success. USA is playing a major role in providing and training some of the world’s best research scholars to different industries, Educational institutes in USA are now days more research oriented than ever.

A Fierce Competition

The twenty-first century shows no lessening of interest among researchers, institutions, donors, boards of trustees, and governments in using various university rankings to assess the performance of higher education institutions. Most National Research Universities measure themselves on a wide range of dimensions that the institutions believe important for determining improvement and success.  At the same time, no single indicator or composite number accurately represents what an Individual Institution has done, can do, or will do.  To improve the quality and productivity of a major national research university, its faculty, students, staff, and supporters need to follow a number of indicators that, taken together, give a reasonable approximation of Accomplishment and Strength relative to the best universities in the country. Many indicators serve this purpose, but most observers know that research matters more than anything else in defining the best institutions.

Dependence of Research Facilities Research Facilities : : Research in United States

Both private and public universities live on the resources generated from many sources, but critical to their success are the size of their Endowments and Annual Giving. Endowment reflects the long-term strength of accumulated Private Support and in some cases institutional savings that delivers an income to important purposes every year.  Annual giving provides an indicator of the current level of an institution’s private contributions both to current expenses and towards increased endowment.  By including both indicators, The Center gains the opportunity to note historical and emerging strength in private support for research universities. Institutions that have more than $20 million in annual federal research expenditures and that rank within the Top 25 on at least one of the nine measures fall into definition of a Top Research University.

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