Scholarship for Outstanding Indian School Teachers

An opportunity has risen for the Indian teachers of getting a Master’s degree from an Australian university on scholarship.Scholarship Program The scholarships are specifically for the Indian nationals so that they could benefit from it completely. This scholarship has been established by Professor Ashok Khurana to support the post-graduate education of a practicing, tertiary qualified, school teacher working within the Indian education system. This scholarship is open to a tertiary qualified teacher with a recognized undergraduate degree and at least five years teaching experience in India.

This scholarship will support the successful applicant to undertake a Master of Education program of study on a full time basis at the University of Adelaide. The scholarship is valued at $25,000 for one year, payable towards the recipient’s airfares, living expenses and tuition fees. The successful applicant will also receive a 50% discount on the tuition fees for one year of the Master of Education program. The selection criteria will be tough since the teachers will be a representative of the Indian teaching community so the applicants must be able to demonstrate genuine excellence in teaching, an ability to enhance educational outcomes for students in their school, district, city, state or country and outstanding potential for leadership in education. Academic merit will be determined according to records from previous undergraduate study.

University of AdelaideAnother thing to be kept in mind is this that the applying teacher should have already applied for a Master of Education program in University of Adelaide before applying for scholarship. Furthermore the scholarship must be taken up in the year in which it is offered; acceptance of the Scholarship offer cannot be deferred. If a student declines the Scholarship offer, the Scholarship will be offered to the next eligible student. This venture has been possible due to the collaboration with the Australian Higher Education and the collaboration has provided a very fruitful result for the Indian teaching community.

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